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TLC does not currently have a brick and mortar building to show our dogs. Hopefully, we will have something soon but keep watching our Facebook page for news, showing times and locations of puppies and adults up for adoption.

How to adopt a TLC dog or puppy

Adopting one of our little dogs is a serious commitment that should be well thought out and not an impulse decision. Chihuahuas have one of the longest lifespans (15 to 20 years), so while no one can predict the future, you should think about where you will be in 5, 10 years from now and this dog is still middle aged. The majority of the dogs that end up in the shelter arrive there because someone got married, they moved, children came into the picture, job changes caused less time available to spend with the dog, etc. And for every three dogs that to into one of our local shelters, only two ever get out alive. This is serious stuff to think about! But if you have done all of your thinking, then this is the procedure:

Find the dog that fits best with your life style and energy level - read through their profiles and don't be swayed by the photos first. It needs to be a good fit for it to succeed.

Fill out the adoption application and submit it to us - you can do this online ahead of time here ~~~> Please fill out the adoption application online..

If you need more info on a dog you've seen on the website, email us after you check the dog's profile for any special details. Check our Calendar for the next Adoption Event or make an appointment to visit your potential fur baby!

Once you've met the dog and it is a fit, we may (or may not) require a home visit. If so, we are not coming to see if you dusted - we are most interested in seeing if your back yard is a secure location. And if all goes well by this step, you will be asked to sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption donation.

CONGRATULATIONS on your new fur baby!

Adoption Donation

Adoption donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent the IRS allows. Effective Nov.1st, 2015, the adoption donation scale is as follows:
Puppies under 6 months - $500
Dogs aged 6 months to 5 years - $350
Dogs over 5 years old or with us more than 6 months are $200

We may have promotions going on - please ask a volunteer or email us to check. We accept cash, credit card or PayPal.

Adoption donations are nonrefundable.
For this donation:
  • All TLC dogs and puppies will be either spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • Dogs and puppies will be up to date on their shots and have their rabies vaccine (unless they are younger than 4 months.
  • TLC dogs and puppies will be microchipped with a Found Animals Registry chip. Once you have adopted, you will be required to go online and activate the chip in your name (with no additional cost). If not a Found Animals Registry chip and we rescued them already chipped, it is the owner's responsibility to change the registration over- AVID and Home Again chips require a small fee. This situation does not occur frequently however.
  • With each adoption, there is a complimentary vet check at Caring Hands or any Banfield Vet Office
  • An offer of 10% off all supplies (with the exception of food) at Theresa's for up to 5 days after adoption
  • with each adoption there is a complimentary first groom at Indiana Bones House of Groom
  • Coupon booklets from both PetSmart and Petco
  • A FREE 30-minute training session at PetSmart!

Can't afford an adoption donation?

The adoption donation will be the least expensive part of owing a dog, and TLC is the only rescue in Ventura County to provide all the necessary elements. But if you can't afford an adoption donation in these tough economic times, please consider going to the local pound or shelter. For every three dogs that go in, only two come out alive. And as a taxpayer, you have already subsidized each shelter dog by your tax dollars (from $173 to $265 depending upon the shelter). It won't be tax deductible and they may not be able to tell you a lot about the dog, but you will still be saving a life!


Not all shelters or rescues have the same policy and procedures - some do not inoculate with Bordetella (kennel cough). Many do not provide rabies or licenses in their adoption procedure. Most do not activate the microchip in the new owner's name because that is an extra fee. Make sure you know all the particulars before adopting, so you are prepared financially to supply all of the dog's needs.